LPG Challenge 2010 the result

We crunched our figures and on the first test run on petrol we managed a respectful 46.80 miles per gallon over 103 miles. Cargas’ goal was to get as close to that figure on LPG! The Smart car performed on both accounts and came in with a respectable final result 47.50 MPG on LPG.A big thank you from Cargas to all involved and especially my co driver Cindy.

LPG gas conversion for cars

In these times of increasing environmental responsibility LPG Autogas is the fuel of the future. By using this clean and green fuel you can expect your running costs to be an average 45% cheaper than using petrol and the savings will just keep on adding up. You can be assured that our professionally trained technicians put your safety first and follow the LPGA (LPG Association) Code of Practice when converting your vehicle.

Car Gas Smart Car

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is a fossil fuel, however is is far cheaper to purchase than either petrol or diesel. LPG makes much less pollution than other fuels, and consequently it has far less tax added to its pump price. Because the British government (and Europe as a whole) want to encourage the use of LPG for environmental reasons we pay only 13.84p fuel duty per litre on liquid petroleum gas, whereas the duty on petrol and diesel are over 60p per litre. (Please note these figures are subject to change)

About Car Gas

Our history… Car-Gas were formed in 2003 by Neil and John, both highly experienced in automotive lpg conversions, having now converted in excess of 2000 vehicles to exacting LPGA quality standards. As with many successful businesses, Car-Gas initially started out as importers and distributors of LPG automotive products operating from small premises in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. Soon after, the company began fitting a variety of specialist LPG systems to both private and commercial vehicles. In 2005, growing demand soon meant a move to larger premises, strategically located in Stoke-on-Trent close to the A50, A500 and M6 transport links – opening the business up to customers from the North-West and the Midlands.

We believe that our knowledge and experience is amongst the best in the industry, such that we are equipped to carry out LPG conversions to any vehicle despite its complexity or engine size. Please contact us to discuss your exacting requirements.

We are LPGA Approved LPG Conversion Specialists Founded in 2003 we have now converted over 2,000 vehicles to exacting quality standards. Contact Us Today: Phone: 01782 847829 Email: info@cargas.co.uk
Did you know that by converting to lpg you could be saving over 50% on your regular fuel bills? LPG is a cleaner fuel. When burned, it produces less carbon and nitrogen oxides and unburned hydrocarbons than petrol or diesel oil. This makes it better for the environment.